A Man And His Wife Hit A Baby Skunk.

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A man and his wife are driving down the road when they hit a baby skunk.

“It’s still alive!” The wife exclaimed, looking back at the poor skunk.

“Alright, I’ll just go back and hit it again, put it out of its misery,” the husband replied.

“No don’t, it’s just a baby! We have to call the vet!”

The husband waits patiently while the wife gets out to talk to the vet.

“Is it bleeding?” The vet asked.

“No, but it’s shaking a lot.”

“That means it’s going into shock,” the vet concluded,

“Cover him up and bring him in as soon as you can.”

“But sir it’s 80 degrees out I don’t have a jacket or anything to cover him with,” the wife explained.

“Ok, just put him between your legs to keep him stable for the ride over.” The vet replied calmly

“What about the smell?” The wife asked.

“The smell? Just cover his nose!”