A Lizard Is Walking Through The Bush. –


A little lizard is walking through the Australian bush when a voice calls

“Hey lizard”

The lizard looks up and perched in the tree is a koala smoking a joint.

“Come on up and join me in a joint”

So the lizard climbs the tree and the koala rolls him a joint and they sit there in companionable silence getting quietly stoned.

After a while the lizards says

“Geez koala I’m so thirsty, I can’t just get my moisture from the gum leaves as you can – I’ve gotta get water”

So down out of the tree and down to the river.

While he’s drinking, crocodile surfaces and says

“Hi lizard what’s up”

so the lizard says

“I’ve just had a joint with Koala and it’s made me thirsty”

The crocodile says

“A koala smoking a joint- this I’ve gotta see” and he sets off into the scrub where he finds the koala still sitting in the tree completely stoned.

He calls “Hey Koala”

Koala looks down and says

“Geez lizards how bloody much water did you drink!!”




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