A Lion Woke Up One Morning.

A lion woke up one morning with the urge to assert his superiority over his fellow beasts.

He strode over to a monkey, and roared

“Who is the Mightiest of Animals?”

“You are, Master,” said the monkey, cowering.

Then the lion approached a warthog.

“Who is the Mightiest of Animals?” roared the lion.

“You are, my Lord,” said the warthog, quivering with fear.

Next, the lion met an elephant.

“Who is the Mightiest of Animals?” roared the lion.

The elephant grabbed the lion with his trunk, swung him in the air, slammed him ten times against a tree trunk, threw him into a dense patch of thorns, and strolled away.

“Okay!” shouted the lion.

“There’s no need to turn nasty just because you don’t know the answer!”

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