A Leading Professor Giving A Lecture. –

A leading professor of s*xual behaviour is giving a lecture to his students,

Explaining that people’s overall disposition is directly related to the number of times they have s*x.

“For instance, all those people here who have s*x once a week, raise your hands”.

Quite a few of the men with beaming faces raise their hands.

“Now all those people who have s*x once a month raise your hands”.

A few of the more glum men hold up their hands.

“Now the people who have s*x only once a year raise your hands”

One or two really miserable buggers raise their hands sheepishly.

“Now anyone who only has s*x once every ten years raise their hands”

An old man in the back row with a beaming face and a grin from ear to ear jumps out of his seat and gleefully shouts

” Me me me”!!!!!!

The professor is astounded by the old man’s joyful look,

“You only have s*x once every ten years”? he inquires

“Yes indeed,” says the old man barely containing his glee,

“Well, why do you look so happy”?

“It’s TONIGHT, ITS TONIGHT” replies the old man.

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