A Hyena Was Talking To A Monkey. –


In the jungle, a hyena was talking to a monkey.

He said to the monkey

“You see that big clump of trees over there?”

The monkey says “Yes, what about them?”

“Well, I go through there every day to get home, I don’t have to, it’s just a shortcut,” said the hyena

“Alright, so?” asked the monkey

The hyena says “Well every time I go through there, this lion jumps out, grabs me by the leg and starts swinging me around and whacking me against the trees and the ground, then he leaves. I don’t know why he picks on me like that, maybe he just thinks it’s funny”

The monkey says “I’m sorry to hear that, tell you what, I’ll walk home with you and if the lion shows his face, I’ll protect you”

The hyena smiles and asks “Really? You’d do that”

The monkey says “Yes”

They shake hands and walk through the trees. Halfway to the hyena’s home, the lion jumps out, grabs the hyena and starts swinging him around while the monkey runs up a tree.

The lion whacks the hyena against the trees and the ground before going away, leaving the hyena on his back.

The monkey comes down and stands next to the hyena.

The hyena looks up at the monkey and asks

“What happened? I thought you were gonna help me”

The monkey says

“I was, but when I looked down, you were laughing so much, I thought you were winning”




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