A Guy Meets A Beautiful Girl In A Bar

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A guy meets a beautiful girl in a bar and they start hitting it off.
Eventually he says “I’ll bet you that I can guess the day you were born just by squeezing your breasts. How about letting me try?”

She’s skeptical but agrees to let him try. So the guy reaches under her blouse and begins gently squeezing her breasts. After a few seconds of this, he then starts caressing them and rubbing them and then squeezing them some more.

The guy says “Hmm I’m having trouble figuring this out. Just give me a little more time.” She reluctantly agrees and he continues rubbing and squeezing her breasts some more.

Finally, the girl says “Ok ok!! That’s enough!” She pushes his hands away and pulls her blouse down. “So tell me – when was I born??”

The guy looks at her and says “Yesterday.”

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