A Guy In A Bar Bets The Bartender $50 That He Can Lick His Eyeball


A guy in a bar bets the bartender $50 that he can lick his eyeball.

The bartender agrees.

The man takes his glass eye out, and bites it.

The bartender angrily gives the man his money.

The man bets the bartender $500 dollars that he can bite his other eyeball too.

The bartender agrees to the bet, because the man was not blind.

The man pulls out his dentures and lightly chomps them on his other eyeball.

The bartender is fuming, but gives the man his money.

The man then orders a beer, and walks away.

The man walks back, and bets the bartender $1000 that he can piss directly into a shot glass while running, with 2 attempts.

The bartender knows for a fact that this is impossible, and agrees to the bet.

On attempt 1, the man gets piss everywhere, and none in the shot glass.

The bartender smirks, with high hopes.

On attempt 2, the man once again pisses everywhere in the bar, except for the glass.

The bartender jumps up and down in excitement, knowing that he has won.

Then another man in the corner of the bar screams ‘FUCK’.

When the bartender asks what the problem is, the man says,
“That asshole just bet me $10,000 that he could piss all over the bar, and that you would be happy”


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