A Guy Gets A Job As A Maintenance Man In A Zoo.

An ex-convict with a violent temper gets a job as a maintenance man in a zoo:

While repairing the fish tank a few fish bit his ankles.

He smashed them with his hammer in retaliation.

He quickly threw them to the lions so he wouldn’t get caught.

His next job was repairing the chimpanzee cage.

The chimps played hell with him until he turned on them with his hammer.

Again he threw the dead chimps to the lions.

His last job was making a new hive for the bees, but they stung him badly.

He smashed the bees into a pulp with his hammer and again threw them to the lions.

The next day a new lion arrived at the zoo.

He asked the other lions what the food was like.

One lion said.

“It’s getting better, yesterday we had fish, chimps and mushy bees!”