A farmer Was Out Working In His Fields. –


A farmer was out working in his fields when he had to pee really bad.

He was quite a ways from the house, so he just climbed off his tractor and peed in the clover.

As luck would have it, a bee decided it was lunchtime and zapped him right on the end of his dingus.

It really hurt terribly when he remembered that buttermilk was known to relieve bee stings. He dashed to the house, opened the fridge, poured a glass of buttermilk and started to soak his dingus.

What a relief!

Then he heard a gasp and saw that his 20-year-old daughter was in the doorway, looking wide-eyed at what he was doing!

He turned to her and said.

“Now don’t tell me you’ve never seen one of these?”

She replied.

“You’re right, Daddy, I have. It’s just that I’ve never seen one being reloaded!”

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