A Farmer Took Out An Ad To Sell One Of His Horses. –

A farmer took out an ad to sell one of his horses

The day the ad appeared in the paper, he heard a knock on his door.

When he opened the door, he didn’t see anyone there.

“I’m down heah,” said voice.

The man looked down to see a dwarf there, standing no more than 2 1/2 feet tall.

“I’m come to see the horse you have for sale. Wet me see it.”

The farmer-led the dwarf out to the corral, which they both entered. The dwarf asked,

‘”Is this a stallion or a may-ah?”

“A what?” asked the farmer.

“A may-ah. I female.”

“Oh, a mare. Yes, this is a mare.”

“Fine. Wet me see her teeth.”

“Look all you want,” said the farmer.

“No, no. You must bwing me up so I can see them.”

The farmer hoisted the dwarf up so that he was eye-level with the horse.

The dwarf looks at the horse’s teeth and seemed satisfied.

“Now, wet me see her withehs.”

“Her what?”

“Her withehs, where the back meets the neck.”

“Oh, the withers. Ok.”

The farmer hoisted the dwarf up once again, and the dwarf checked out the horse’s back and withers.

“Are you about done?” asked the farmer.

“One wast thing. Wet me see her twat.”

The farmer was now getting annoyed at the dwarf, so he hoisted him up and shoved him into the horse’s [email protected]

After about 20 seconds, he pulled the dwarf out.

The dwarf was wiping his face up and sputtering.

At length, he said,

“Awwow me to wephwase: wet me see her gallop!”

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