A Farmer Discovers He Has A Talking Horse. –

One day a farmer discovers he has a talking horse,

so after talking to it for a while, the horse decides that it wants to learn how to play the guitar.

So the farmer does the only logical thing and buys the horse a guitar.

Somehow, the horse learns how to play the guitar, and tours the country on talk shows, concerts, and even meeting the president:

The farmer becomes rich, but still prefers the quiet of his farm, so he returns back to the farm.

The horse still goes all over, now that he’s been hired as a live musician for several talk shows, but he returns to the farm every so often to check in with the farmer and the farm animals.

After a few months, the farmer discovers that a chicken can speak as well, and has a burning desire to play the drums.

Despite the obvious punchline, the farmer buys a speciality set of drums for the chicken.

The chicken forms a two animal band with the horse, and they tour the country, produce a few CD’s, and make the farmer even more money.

Soon, more animals, a donkey and a sheep join the band as the singer and the bassist.

The chicken, sheep, and donkey are going to their next concert, but the horse flies back to the farm to find the farmer, sadly, died in his bed.

Never having experienced such deep sadness, the horse does what his human companions taught him, he goes to the bar, where he sees a newspaper that says the flight the sheep, donkey, and chicken was on crashed into the mountains and no-one survived.

The horse walks up to the bar, tears flowing from his eyes.

The bartender looks up at the horse and says…:::::

“Why the long face?”