A Famous Professor Is Going Around Giving Lectures


A Famous Professor Is Going Around Giving Lectures

A famous professor is going around giving lectures. After he finishes one up in Denver, he climbs into his car and talks to his driver.
“Hey Bill, take me back to the hotel please”

“Yes sir. Ya know, Dr. Diller, I’ve heard your lecture so many times I bet I could recite it word for word”

“Oh, you really think so? Well, if I ever can’t make it to a conference one day, I’ll take you up on that bet.”

Well, believe it or not, the professor falls ill the very next day.

“Say, Bill, I’m not feeling too well cough cough could you do my lecture at the University today? I’ll even drive you around.”

“But of course, sir. I’ve been waiting for this day!”

The driver then dresses as the professor and the professor dresses as the driver. They then go to the college and the driver, to the professor’s amazement, delivers the speech flawlessly. However, after it’s all set and done, a student stands up and asks a question.

“Hey, um, so could you clarify what you said in your third part about subparticles?”

The driver, still standing up on stage in front of hundreds of people, smiles, points to the professor, dressed as the driver sitting in the back of the room, and says:

“Why that question is so easy, even my driver could answer that!”


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