A Dog And A Rabbit Are In A Bar. –


A dog and a rabbit are in a bar having a few drinks,

When a drunk decides that he doesn’t like their kind patronizing his establishment.

He goes over and voices his displeasure with them being in HIS bar.

“Now now take it easy slim”, says the rabbit,

“If you can solve this riddle we will buy you all the drinks you can have for the night.

Well, he thinks about it for a minute and thinks, “why not”.

Ok then but if you get it wrong my dog will bite you in the ass, agreed?

The drunk wanting free drinks agree to the terms.

Here is the riddle…

“What do you have again the day after you have it to make you feel better for having it?

Well, f*ck I have no idea say’s drunk and promptly gets bit on the a$s by the dog.

The next day the drunk is back in the bar and mad as hell.

He yells at the bartender…

“Where the hell is that hair of the dog that bit me?

A voice from the back of the bar that sounds like the rabbit says…

“buy that man a drink”.

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