A Dad And Little Johnny Are At The Zoo. –

A dad and Little Johnny are at the zoo.

They’re at the elephant enclosure and the Little Johnny points to the elephants trunk and says,

“Daddy, what is that?”

“That’s the elephant’s nose son.”

The elephant turns to the side and without warning, it’s massive pen!s is in full view.

“What’s that daddy?”

The dad, not wanting to deal with any awkwardness from his child, says,

“…uh, that’s it’s second nose…in case the first one gets stopped up.

A few days later the man gets home from work and Little Johnny runs up to him and says,

“I’m worried about mommy, I think she’s gonna get sick.”

“Why do you say that son?”

“Because she invited the mailman in today and I saw him sneeze right on her face.


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