A Couple Preparing For Large Snowstorms. –

A couple lives outside Buffalo and is used to preparing for large snowstorms.

One of the preparations for many years has been tuning in to the local radio station at 6:00 the night before a storm for an important announcement.

On a typical pre-storm night, the wife would tune in just prior to 6 to hear a message about which side of the streetcars was to be parked on.

For the first storm of the winter, she tuned in as usual and heard the following message:

“Urgent impending storm update: in order to accommodate snow ploughs, please park cars on the side of the street with odd-numbered houses. Thank you.”

So she put on her coat, hurried outside, started the car, and moved it to the correct side of the street the radio announcer had instructed.

Three days later, another storm was imminent,

so the wife tuned in, as usual, this time coat in hand, prepared to learn where her car needed to go.

Then came the moment she was waiting for:

“Update for the incoming snowstorm: for our snowploughs to efficiently clear the roads, please make sure to park your cars…”

It was at this moment that static cut through.

The wife sat on the edge of her seat, hoping to hear this important news. But the only other words she heard from the announcement were the final two words:

“Thank you.”

She turned to her husband, frantic.

“What should I do? I don’t know where to park the car! How do I find out which side of the street to park on?”

Her husband leaned back, sighed, and took a sip of coffee.

“Honey,” he said,

“maybe you should leave the car in the driveway tonight.”

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