A Couple Is Celebrating Their Golden Wedding Anniversary. –

A couple is celebrating their golden wedding anniversary.

The husband takes the opportunity to ask his wife whether in all their years together she had ever been unfaithful to him.

“Only three times,” she said.

“Three times?” replied the horrified husband.

His wife says

“Yes, but listen, remember that time you couldn’t secure a loan to get the business started? I went to the bank manager and slept with him and the next day he offered you the money”.

The husband says “My darling, you made that sacrifice for me? How wonderful, what about the second time?

“Well,” says the wife. “Remember when you needed that operation but we couldn’t afford to pay for it? I slept with the surgeon and the next day he did that operation for you free of charge”.

The bemused husband replies

“I don’t know what to say. You are the most wonderful wife a man could have. What about the third time”?

The wife hesitates for a moment then says:

“Ah, remember that time you wanted to be president of the golf club, but you needed 87 of the members to vote for you…

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