A Couple Invites Their Family For Dinner.


A couple invites their family over for Thanksgiving to spend the holiday together.

The family gathers, but the couple’s children are late and the mother-in-law complains aloud:

“Ugh, your children, always late.”

Eventually, everyone comes and sits down to eat, the mother-in-law insists on sitting at the head of the table and no one has the strength to argue with her.

After a few minutes, the hungry mother-in-law begins to complain:

“Ugh, what’s with the food here, why is it always late?”

A few minutes later, the couple brings out the meal they have prepared for their family, mostly cooked by the wife.

Everyone eats and the evening continues.

While they are in the middle of their main course, the mother-in-law says:

“Ugh, I better start clearing the dishes so we can at least move on to the last dish on time.”

A mere second after she gets up, the large wall clock hanging over the head of the table falls down, reducing her chair to pieces and almost hitting her.

Everyone is in shock until the bride mumbles to herself:

“Ugh, this clock… always late.”

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