95% Of People Can’t Tell The Fake Chili From The Real Ones! But Can You?


If you’re already used to our tricky visual tests and brainteasers, you’ll be thrilled to know that almost no one can solve the challenge we have prepared today.

In the picture above, you can see seven chilis that look almost identical. You might be surprised, however, after we tell you that one of them is just a clever 3d drawing!

That’s right, one of the seven chilis is not real even though it appears so.

Take a closer look and pay attention to small details such as the color and lighting to solve the mystery.

This is your last chance to spot the fake chili before we reveal the answer. If you can’t find it, we don’t blame you. Almost no one can spot the cleverly drawn intruder!

Here comes the answer.

Chili #4 is the fake one! While others are very much real and spicy, the one on the far-right is just a drawing. Were you able to see through the deception? How long did it take you to figure it out?

If you think this test was too challenging, here comes an easier one. Just kidding! This one is pretty hard as well.


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