90% Of Viewers Didn’t See The Error In This Picture! How About You?


In today’s challenge, which the majority of viewers failed to pass, you are asked to spot the mistake in a vintage graphic showing a farmer tilling the land with the help of his two horses.

While there’s nothing unusual about the picture at first sight, keep in mind that a terrible mistake is at work here.

Scroll down for answer:








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Once again, you are looking at a countryside scene showing a gentleman sitting on a small cart that is being pulled by his horse. But where’s the error this time?

If you’re struggling with the answer, here’s a tiny clue that might just do the trick. Once more, something is missing in the picture.

In fact, without the missing thing, this entire setup wouldn’t work and the cart would tip over.

As you’ve probably already figured out, the cart shafts are missing!

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