80-year-old becomes oldest college graduate with no plans to slow down


How many times do we hear people say they’re too old for something, as if there’s an unwritten rule as to what age we’re officially past the point of pursuing our goals.

As the average life expectancy is now 80 in the U.K., 78 in the U.S. it really is time we stopped using age as a barrier to achieving our dreams. Perhaps one of the best examples of this is inspirational lady Donzella Washington, who at 80 years old, has become a college’s oldest graduate.

Donzella has just gained her bachelor’s degree from Alabama A&M University and is dedicating her achievement to her late husband, who she was married to for nearly 50 years.

Studying classes in social work and business and graduating with a bachelor’s degree in social work she achieved the magna cum laude (with great distinction) recognition and achieved a 4.0 GPA in her final semester, equivalent to an A or A+.

She is also the oldest graduate of the Alabama college in its 144-year history, ABC News reports.

The inspirational lady said her late husband Jeff would have been her biggest supporter.

“I want to inspire and motivate others that age is not a barrier. And I want to emphasize the life between the dash,” she added.

Donzella’s daughter, Kimberly, said Jeff was her mother’s “number one fan” adding: “He supported everything she did, especially returning to school. Although my father did not have a traditional college education, he knew the value of gaining one.”

This special lady has been achieving great things throughout her life fostering around 30 children with her late husband on their farm in Pixley, California.

Now this talented lady from Los Angeles is considering a master’s degree, while working as a volunteer for needy organizations.

80-year-old becomes university's oldest graduate
Alabama A&M University/Unilad

What an amazing woman Donzella is! Please share to congratulate her and help to inspire others to go after their dreams, whatever their age.


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