8 Lessons STRONG Mothers Teach Their Daughters.


It’s impossible to overestimate the impact a mother’s love can have on her children. In a thousand ways, she makes them who they are. Are you lucky enough to have a very strong mother, or to be one?

If so, you likely recognize these eight lessons:

1. Strength and softness can – and should – coexist.

Being strong does not mean being cold and not caring. The most influential persons out there are also the sweetest and kindest ones. Caring about others and being kind to everyone shows character and great personality. A strong mother teaches their kids the right values and ways to behave.

2. The most important person you can build a relationship with is yourself.

Along with that independence and empowering strength your mom taught you, she snuck in an awful lot about loving yourself. She taught you that you know yourself better than anyone and that if something isn’t right, you don’t need it in your life. She taught you how to walk away from negativity and the people and situations that would only bring you down in life. She showed you perseverance, even when it seems like the whole world is against you, you know your worth because your mother showed you what you’re capable of. She taught you that your failures and heartbreaks are not what defines you in life, but instead it is the character you put forth in this world.

3. You are enough.

An empowering mother knows that her daughter can be complete even without a man by her side. She has herself to be that way. The most wonderful thing – love- can be found in billions of places and that does not require a marriage.

4. Happiness isn’t something we find. It’s something we create.

This means that every person is responsible for their happiness or unhappiness. If you do not like something about your life, then it is in your hands to change it for the better. The best example for happiness is, of course, a happy mother, who is full of life and enjoys every second of it.

5. They show them how to parent with kindness and consistency.

Children learn by example, and it’s amazing what they soak up without consciously trying. For this reason, most of us have the natural inclination to revert to our own mothers’ parenting tactics as adults. A strong mother can trust that, when this happens, it will be a helpful nudge in the right direction, rather than a bad instinct her daughter has to fight against.

6. Have faith. Things will work out in the end.

Daughters whose mothers fight through life patiently and devotedly have a great role model. An empowering mother provides her daughter with things to count on such as spiritualism, philosophy, religion, even a feeling of trust towards the universe. She teaches her how to make use of it.

7. Unconditional love is real, and it is powerful.

Your mother’s smile is probably imprinted in your mind, a vision you’ll never forget. Growing up you watched her sacrifice everything for you. Her time, energy, health, money, youth, and even alone time in the bathroom, all for you (and your siblings!) She only put her best foot forward for you, never complaining about her sacrifices and never boasting about them either. She didn’t need to belittle anyone else’s struggles or accomplishments to feel better about her own and she showed that courage to you every day. In everything she did, you mother taught you what unconditional love was and she showed you what sacrifice truly looked like, and no love will ever compare.

8. Being a woman is not easy.

A strong mother explains to her daughter that it’s not always easy being a woman. The world may seem unfair at times just because of her gender. Regardless, a strong mother teachers her daughter to navigate womanhood with dignity and integrity, always.



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