Young Man Learns Not To Show On His Phone While On The Bus

A lady in her 50s is riding the bus back home after a long, hard, and exhausting day at work. The bus is full when it leaves the station, but the lady is hoping she can still take a nap in her seat.

Nevertheless, the man sitting next to her pulls out his phone, dials a number, and brings the device to his ear.

While everyone else on the bus is quiet, this young fellow can’t, for the life of him, speak without shouting.

“Hello?! Hello! Baby! It’s Richard!” He screams.

“I’m on my way now, I just got on the bus!”

“Yes! I know I’m late! I’m so sorry – but we had a last-minute meeting at work!”

“No, baby! Not with the blonde from accounting! With my boss! I swear!” Screams the man.

“Yes! Yes, baby! You’re the only woman in my life! I swear! I love you so much!”

10 minutes go by, but the man continues to talk on the phone with the same cheesy and loud voice. The people on the bus are starting to give him angry looks. Most of them just finished work and want to get home, after all.

By now, the lady next to him has had enough. She slowly leans toward the guy, then quickly grabs his phone and whispers into the thing with a sensual voice:

“Richard… come on, baby. Come back to bed with me. It’s so cold without you…” and then hangs up.

The man, motionless, with eyes lost, can’t even muster a response, he just looks ahead and puts the phone away…