Which Of These Guys Is The Biggest Idiot? Think About It Twice Before You Answer!

If you’re not afraid to find out more about yourself, then you’ve come to the right place! It’s time to take a fun test that will help you learn more about your hidden traits!

In the picture bellow, you can see four idiots at work. While none of them appears to be too smart, it is your job to find out which of the four guys is the dumbest!

Image: brightside.me

Keep in mind that there is no wrong answer to this puzzle, whereas all of them are correct in a way. It all depends on the way you’re thinking!

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Was your answer guy number 1? He is cutting the same rope he is attached to. He’s definitely not the brightest tool in the shed!

If you answered with number 1, you are likely an extroverted person whom people can always rely on. Though you may be stubborn, hasty, and hard-headed on occasions, you make an excellent leader and people often seek your help when they have problems.

How about worker number 2? He is simply floating in the air without even realizing that he’s going to fall too once his colleague cuts through that rope he’s hanging on!

If this was your answer, you’re probably a kind person which is why some people might try to take advantage of you. While you might feel lazy at times, you are generally known as a wise and reliable person.

Was number 3 your final choice? We can’t blame you, just look at what that fool is doing! If this was your answer, you are likely a daydreamer who isn’t afraid to dream big and aim high.

You tend to be a big achiever and aren’t afraid to take on challenges that prove to be too big for others. Since you might be very different than people around you, you may sometimes find it hard to connect to the world around you which is why you long for something else.

As for number 4, he is not only dumb but also very daring and – in a weird way – determined to get his job done despite the obvious danger.

People who pick this worker are usually very headstrong and determined to make their opinions known to everyone. Though you are always ready to stand up for what you believe in, you may want to chill at times to avoid hurting yourself or people around you with your words and actions.

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Source: smalljoys.tv