Only 1 in 10 People Can Figure Out Which One Doesn’t Belong In The Group! What About You?

We have here another fun challenge that has been leaving people in search of an answer. Take a close look at the image below and try to figure out which of the following six icons doesn’t belong in the group!


In the picture, you can see six icons including a loaf, a bike, a cat, a rabbit, a bed, and a butterfly. While there is plenty of stuff these things don’t have in common, only one of them doesn’t belong in the group.

Can you figure out which and why? Think hard and the right answer might just appear all of a sudden!

Here’s a hint: some of the icons that you see can go by different words – consider the alternatives to crack the puzzle.

Have you found out where the trick lies yet?

If yes, congrats! And if not, think some more before scrolling down to view the correct answer.

One last clue for you: the loaf could also be referred to as bread, and the rabbit might just be a bunny!


As you can see, all of the icons may begin on the letter B except for the cat!