One Of These People Is A Secret Agent! Can You Figure Out Who By Taking One Look At The Picture?

To help you train those visual skills of yours, we have here a confusing picture puzzle that has been baffling viewers around the globe. Take a look!

As you can see, your job is to find out which of the three individuals in the picture above is a secret agent based on the hidden clues provided in the image.

To spot the agent, you’re going to have to zoom in and pay attention to what these people and doing, wearing, and holding.

Perhaps one of the items in the picture gives away their secret job?

On the left, one can see a lady in a black dress holding a dark handbag. She is wearing eyeglasses and a pearl necklace and appears to be smiling. But could she really be an undercover agent?

In the middle, one can see a muscular man wearing jogging pants and a sleeveless shirt. While he looks like he’s ready to run after someone, could he really be an agent?

As for the man on the right, he’s got everything an agent needs to do their job well – or at least that’s what many people believe! He’s got a shady look, a black hat, and big muscles. He appears to be wearing casual clothes while delivering a series of packages.

So, who’s the secret agent everyone’s looking for?

It’s time to reveal the solution. Ready or not, here it comes!

The answer is number 1. Guy number 2 is simply getting ready for exercise while man number 3 is a deliveryman. But how do we know that the lady is an agent?

Zoom in and take another look at her head. You’ll see an earpiece in her right ear! She’s using it as a communications device to receive instructions from her superiors!