Most Viewers Can’t Figure Out This Math Puzzle! But Can You?

Today’s puzzle requires your due focus and concentration before you can be up and running as a contender for champions. The riddle is definitely going viral as we speak and we sure hope our readers can come out on top! Good luck!

Source: World Trivia

If numbers happen to be your forte, then we bet the above math equation will prove to be an absolute breeze for you! Let’s see if you can do it! Remember, the majority of viewers couldn’t get it correct so think carefully.

Are you done? Do you give up? In either case, please scroll down for the final solution!


The right answer is 50!

If you used the BODMAS order of operations, we bet you reached the answer with ease!

Let’s turn our focus to challenge number two! We sure hope you can work hard and get this one correct. Good luck!

Here is a test for the eyes. Only those with eagle eye vision can spot out the cat that’s hidden in here. Are you one of them? Scroll down and let’s figure it out!

Source: Bright Side

There is a little cat hidden in this room. He’s really been disguised well and that’s why only a few observant viewers managed to spot him out immediately. Let’s see if you can see where he lies as well. Good luck!

Do you see him? Remember, be sure to zoom in and search every little nook and corner. We promise he’s in there somewhere!


Source: Bright Side
If you got the right solution in less than a minute, then you should be so proud of yourself. You’re definitely on your way to becoming a true puzzle wizard.