How Fast Can You Spot The Odd One Out?

Sprinkled with colorful and sugary toppings, there are a total of 4 popsicles seen in this particular graphic. But wait, there is certainly more than meets the eye. And that’s because you’re being asked to look at them again as they’re not all the same.

Yes, one is clearly different and we need you to spot out which one that is. Look again and tell us what you think!

Source: Brightside

With challenges like these, you come to realize how blessed you are to have a great vision.

But do you really think that’s all you need to come out on top? No, that’s not the case. We are working hard at picking out a favorite riddle that incorporates the power of vision and some out-of-the-box thinking.

Practice makes perfect so please get a move on it!

The final reveal

It’s time for the solution. Let’s see how far you’ve come alone by looking at the correct answer!

The right answer is popsicle D or the last one. In case you’re wondering why, well the answer is simple. Take a closer look at the sprinkles involved. Did you see it?