How Fast Can You Find The Differences In ALL Of These Riddles?

Below, we’ve got an array of puzzles that are designed to trick your brain and your eyes. There are a total of SEVEN glorious graphics that are tricky with a giant T. And we believe you’ve got what it takes to solve it!

Scroll down below and let’s get the game rolling in the right direction! Good luck!

Puzzle 1

Who doesn’t love a good Pan Asian meal with a nice fried egg at the top? Yup, garnishes truly take our breath away and we hope this puzzle manages to do the same for you! Do you see the difference?

ANSWER: The spread of peas in the second image isn’t touching the egg white.

Puzzle 2

Now that’s what we call an interesting soup affair! Adorable as can be, we hope you can look past the cuteness and find the difference.

ANSWER: There is one less pea on the character in the second image!

Puzzle 3

Only puzzle masters could find the difference here. Where do you stand?

ANSWER: The salad is missing a yellow veggie towards the bottom of the plate in the second image.

Puzzle 4

This one is a little tricky. Give it a go and see if you can get it right!

Answer: The tomato is missing a stalk in the second picture!