How Fast Can You Find Out Which Of These People Sleepwalks At Night?

In today’s challenge, your job is to find out which of the three individuals below is a sleepwalker. One of them definitely snuck out of the house at night and you better look for that hidden clue if you hope to find out who it was!


Let’s start by taking a closer look at the suspect on the left. She is lying on her bed with arms and legs stretched out. She is clearly resting on top of her duvet rather than underneath it. There are also a bunch of clothes lying on her bed and next to it. Is she the sleepwalker?

While she could be, there is no definitive proof that she sleepwalks, so the short answer is no. The woman is probably lying on top of the duvet because it’s too hot inside the room. As for the clothes, we don’t even know if they belong to her. And even if they do, she could simply be too lazy to put them away before going to sleep.

What about the guy in the middle? He looks suspicious, doesn’t he!

He is clearly not yet asleep because his eyes are open. He is lying on his back with his hands crossed behind his back. Is he awake because he just returned from his sleepwalk?

Once again, there is no proof that he is the sleepwalker. He could simply have a hard time falling asleep because he is too busy contemplating his life decisions!

This leaves us with the lady on the right. She is sleeping peacefully while lying on her left side. At the same time, however, we can also see that she is definitely a sleepwalker!

How do we know that?

Take a closer look at the bottom side of her bed. There’s a foot sticking out from underneath the duvet, and there’s a shoe with a high heel on it!

If you zoom in, you will also notice that her stiletto is muddy because she snuck out of the house in the middle of the night!


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