Even A Smart Person Took 5 MINUTES To Find The Right Answer! What About You?

Here, we have a riddle for those who want to relax and have fun while sharpening their brains.

In the following riddle, a few numbers are written. Every digit is related to the one after it. There is a question mark present at the end where a number is to be placed from the ones written below. All you have to do is to find the relation between the numbers written above and then spot what should be present instead of the question mark.

Source: Bright Side

We think that by now you have found the correct answer. Let us match your answer with the right one. The correct answer is 10.

The numbers that are written are in the form of pairs and have a specific difference between them. The first two digits have a difference of 1. The following two digits have a difference of 2 and so on. By following this pattern, one can find out the correct answer.

In the comments below, tell us how much time it took you to find the solution.

Source: Bright Side

We are sure you enjoyed doing the first riddle. So why don’t you try another? The picture given below shows many dice, but one of them is not correct. Find the wrong dice and let us know in the comments if you found it the moment you laid your eyes on the picture.