Can You Spot What’s Wrong In This Picture Of A Family Having Dinner Together?

For this challenge, viewers must find the error in a picture of a family having dinner together.

Not many people can find the mistake – so feel free to ask anyone for help to spot the error! Are you ready? Take a look at the image below.

The picture shows a family having dinner together. The mother, father, grandmother, and two children are enjoying pasta and meat. There is a fireplace behind them, a bookshelf, a window partially covered by a curtain, a plant, and more.

Looking at the image may make you hungry but don’t let their delicious meals distract you from finding the error in this image!

Have you spotted it yet? Check the details carefully and you will see it in no time!

If you have found the error, congratulations! You are one of the few people who spotted it without checking the answer provided at the bottom of this article.

But if you are still struggling, here’s a clue: pay more attention to the lower part of the image and you might just spot it right away.

To confirm whether you got it right or not, scroll down to view the answer. Are you ready?

The answer is: the young boy is mixing his tea with a knife!

His knife already contained oil and sauces from his plate and no one seemed to noticed when he used it to mix his tea. Yikes!