Can YOU Spot The Fish Hiding At The Bottom Of The Ocean In This Viral Picture

People are having trouble finding the fish that is hiding in this viral picture of sea creatures at the bottom of an ocean.

©Gergely Dudás – Dudolf

Gergely Dudas, a Hungarian artist who is well-known for making challenging brain teasers that put viewers to the test, has struck again with another brilliant design showing sea critters at the bottom of the ocean.

Though there is plenty of fish in the sea, there is only one hiding in the picture created by Dudas, and it is your job to find out where it is located.

If you haven’t managed to find the hiding fish yet, feel free to check out the cropped picture below. We can guarantee you that the camouflaged animal is somewhere in the pic.

©Gergely Dudás – Dudolf
Have you discovered the fish and solved the puzzle yet? Here are some hints that might help you! The fish is green and relatively small compared to other creatures at the ocean bottom.

If that’s not enough, we can tell you that the fish is hiding somewhere behind the sea rocks!

By now, you’ve probably already discovered the fish’s hiding spot. If not, you can give the picture another try or check out the pic below in which we have circled the fish for your convenience.

©Gergely Dudás – Dudolf

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