Can You Spot All 6 Mistakes In This Picture?

As you can see in the picture below, our farmer is clearly having some problems. Perhaps he’s getting old or he’s just too tired to think straight. Help him out by spotting six big errors!


There are six mistakes in the picture above, and only the most observant of viewers can find them all in less than a minute. Where do you stand in this regard?

How many mistakes have you already spotted? If you haven’t found all six, get ready for some answers. Here are the errors!

The first two mistakes revolve around the farmer. He appears to be chained and there is money sticking out of his pocket. In the meanwhile, he is feeding rocks to the poultry while a dog is pretending to be one of the chickens.

If you pay attention to the background, you might also notice a bright yellow moon in the sky in the middle of the day. But where’s the sixth error? On the right side of the picture! See that pig reading a book? He’s either a genius or there’s something seriously wrong here.


How many mistakes did you manage to spot? And how long did it take you?