Can You Spot All 4 Hidden Words In This Picture?

There are four words hidden in this picture and all of them are related to winter. Can you find them all?

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The picture shows children wearing thick jackets while playing with snow. Two of them are making a snowman, one is making a dog out of snow, while another one is on a sled in the background.

The image looks fun and exciting but do not let it distract you from your goal!

There are four words hiding in the picture – have you spotted them yet?

Pay attention to details and you will find the words soon enough.

Have you found all four words? If yes, congratulations! This picture puzzle was designed to put your observation skills to the test.

But if you only found one or two, that’s okay as we’ve got you covered. The answer is located at the bottom of this post but before you scroll down, take another look at the image and try again.

You may consider looking away for a few seconds and return to the picture with fresh eyes.

Are you ready to see the location of the words? Once you scroll down, there’s no turning back!


Here they are:

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