Can You Put Your Logic To The Test & Help Find The Robber Amongst The Others?

We’re bringing forward another tricky puzzle that has people wondering what the answer could possibly be. Before we begin, we’d just like to tell you that it’s definitely not too easy to get the answer at first glance. But if you focus hard, we know you’ll crack the code.

Alright, it’s time to play detective and use your logic skills to answer this! Can you figure out who is the robber amongst the others?

Image: Brightside

While their names may be similar in terms of the letter L, all of these men have individual identities. Only one of the following is guilty of stealing a watch and we’re asking you to pay close attention and figure out who that may be.

Try and try until you succeed- that’s the secret to being a true puzzle warrior.

If you’re ready for the answer, look below!


The robber is Liu- yes he’s the guilty one! Read below to better understand why!

Image: Brightside

Here’s why the others can’t be termed guilty: Lou’s cap has zig-zag stripes. Lo could not carry a gun because of the hook while La has a mustache that appears down. Also, Lee’s hand is covered with a bandage so he can’t steal. And that leaves us with Liu!