Can You Figure Out Which Hamilton Is Different? 90% Of Viewers Failed The Test!

If you’re good at spotting small details and you aren’t afraid to take on a challenge, you’ll be thrilled to know we’ve prepared for you a very special task.

Let’s get straight to business!

Credit – GPuzzles

In the picture above, you can see three portraits of Hamilton. While they appear to be the same at first glance, one of them is slightly different from the other two.

Can you find the odd one out and solve the viral mystery? Once you’re done, make sure to drop us a comment and let us know how fast you were!

Are you still looking for the odd detail? Here are a few clues that might help you out.

One, the difference can be found somewhere in the upper part of one of the portraits.

Two, the difference concerns the icon in the middle.

With all of that being said, go find the difference!

Credit – GPuzzles

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