A Man Gets A Prescription For Vi@gr@. –

A man gets a prescription for [email protected]@.

That night he takes a big dose, and he and his wife have a wild night of passion:

The next morning, his wife says to him.

“Dear, how about I make us some breakfast? Eggs, bacon, toast, maybe some fresh fruit?”

The husband replies.

“You know, I’m not really hungry. Maybe it’s a side effect of the [email protected]@.”

Around lunchtime, his wife asks him.

“How about some lunch, dear? I could make us some sandwiches.”

Again he answers.

“I’m still not hungry, it must be the [email protected]@.”

That evening, the wife asks her husband what he would like for dinner.

“I could make a roast, or broil some chicken…”

“It’s the weirdest thing, honey, I’m still not hungry!” He chuckles.

His wife sighs in exasperation.

“Well, could you at least get off of me for five minutes? I’m starving!”