A Man Buys A Brand New Sports Car

A man buys a brand new sports car and on his first drive overtakes a pick up truck from the wrong side.

The truck driver is huge and has anger issues. He gets furious, speeds up and decided to teach the man a lesson at the next stop light just a few miles ahead.

They reach a red light where the pick up driver pulls ahead of the car. He steps out of the trucks and drags the man out of the car. He notices the man to be very scared.

The truck driver removes a piece of chalk a knife from his truck, draws a circle on the road and tells the frightened car driver to stand in the circle.

He screams at the man “You will be sorry for your life if you come out of the circle” and then proceeds to cut up the nice leather seats in the car. Thinking he had done enough he turns around to find the man smiling.

Even more angry he returns to his truck and gets a baseball bat out and smashes all the windows and lights. When he looks again the man is giggling.

Starting to rage now, the trucker drops the bat and slashes all his tyres to which the man bursts out laughing.

Well, the trucker finally loses it, gets a can of gasoline from the truck, pours it all over the brand new sports car and sets it on fire.

When he turns around to see man’s reaction, he is nearly falling over with fits of laughter.

Mystified, the trucker asks ” what the hell is so funny ???”

The man replies, ” while you weren’t looking, i stepped out of the circle four times !!”