90% Of Viewers Can’t See The Big Animal Hiding In This Photo! How About You?

In the picture below, you will see a series of broken tree sticks and twigs. But somewhere in there, there is also a very big insect! Can you spot it in under one minute?

©Michael Blencowe via Sussex Wildlife Trust

The amazing picture was taken by Michael Blencowe and shared on Twitter by Sussex Wildlife Trust.

“This is an excellent photo for our mimics and impressionists themed week. Who is a twig & who is a buff-tip moth in this photo? Brilliant aren’t they?” the trust wrote.

But the question remains… Did you already spot the hidden animal?

Now’s your final chance to crack the mystery because the solution is coming right up. Perhaps, one of the branches isn’t what it appears to be at first sight?

That’s right! One of the twigs is actually a big buff-tip moth that is perfectly camouflaged among the sticks!