90% Of People Couldn’t Spot The Odd Butterfly! But Can You?

Take a close look at the image below and see if you can spot the odd butterfly.

While all of the icons appear the same at the first glance, one of them is slightly different. But can you spot the detail that sets the different butterfly apart from the rest?

Take another look before scrolling down to verify your answer.

If you’re still struggling with the answer, worry not, we’re here to help you succeed! The odd butterfly is hiding somewhere in the bottom row.

To spot it, take a close look at its antennas!

You can also check the correct answer below:


How long did it take you to spot the butterfly? We have here another similar challenge, but this time you’ll have to work under some pressure!

Once again, find the odd one out. To pass the test, however, you’ll have to spot it in 30 seconds or less. Set the timer on your phone and hit start when you’re ready to begin.

This time, you’re looking at a bunch of fairies on a purple background. While 19 of them are identical, one is slightly different from the lot.

Now is your final chance to find the odd fairy and solve the puzzle because the solution is coming right up!

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