90% Of People Couldn’t See The Error In This Image – But Can You?

In the picture below, you can a dark-blue notebook, a green notebook, and a pile of colored notepads on top of a wooden desk. You might have also spotted a ballpen and a metal chain with a lock and a key for the lock on the table.

But somewhere in the picture, there is also a big mistake that only a few viewers managed to spot. Is there something wrong with the notebooks? Or perhaps the error concerns the lock or the ballpen?

It’s time you find the mistake yourself!

Image: Brightside

Have you found the error yet? If not, feel free to scroll down to view the answer. But before you do that, make sure you’ve already put in your best effort.

If you need a bit of help, we can tell you that there’s nothing wrong with those notebooks or the table. This should make your search for the error much easier!

And here’s the answer for those who can wait no longer:

The answer:

Image: Brightside.

As you can see, the key and the lock have different patterns and they don’t belong together.