85% Of People Can’t Figure Out Which Rooster Is Different! But Can You?

In the picture below, you will see eight roosters that look entirely identical at the first sight. After taking a closer look, however, some people managed to spot a big difference in one of them. Can you find it too?

Let’s get started?

Have you found the odd one out yet? One of these chickens is definitely not like the rest of the lot.

Here’s our first clue: the odd one out is hiding in the second row!

Take another quick look at the puzzle and scroll down once you’re ready to view the solution.

Don’t give up just yet. If you do, the roosters win, and you fail the test!

Here’s our final hint to help you resolve this matter on your own. Zoom in on the roosters’ feet and legs to spot the difference.

Source – Pixabay

How long did it take you to find the odd one out? If you did it in less than 30 seconds, you’re truly a genius!

Here comes another similar test to help you perform better in the future. This time, you’ll be looking for a dog hiding amongst a bunch of adorable pandas.

Source – BrightSide

Since the dog looks almost the same as the pandas, it won’t be easy spotting it right away. We suggest you focus on the facial features of the animals to crack this mystery!

Perhaps, the dog has a different type of snout than his black and white friends? Take another look and you’ll find out!

Source – BrightSide

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